Dress: Urban outfitters (similar here); Crop top: Target (similar here); Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here); Gold planner: target (similar here); Pink peony: My beautiful friend Morgan 

As a working woman in the photo industry it's tough to be cute and functional at times. For certain shoots minimalism is just functional. So when I helped shoot this beautiful newborn with A sea of love I had to go for what worked best...hair out of the way, no accessories for little hands to grab, nothing fancy! 

To shoot this little bundle of joy I went all black (of course). A simple, cute black dress and classic heels really are enough be cute. I added a crop top over my dress just to keep everything in (if ya know what I mean). A cute gold planner (One dollar at target!!) and a beautiful peony add a touch of joy to the whole event. 

In the end my clothes never got in the way of the shoot and we ended up with some amazing photos (you can see more here). Functional and cute really can go hand in hand. 

Much love,



Photos by Morgan Chidsey