Velvet Blazer: Zara (similar here); Patterned button down: Khols (similar here); Olive pants: LOFT; Tie: Nordstrom (similar here); Ascot: Nordstrom (similar here)

If you don't know much about me then you may not know that I'm a huge Disney lover. I'm also surrounded by a lot of other Disney it's kind of in my blood. A favorite Disney flick of mine has always been Alice in Wonderland. That's why this week's outfit was inspired by the mad hatter himself. Okay yes, he does wear orange in the original Alice but come on I am so pale orange just does not work for I went with the Tim Burton version. I really loved getting to step out of my normal element. I love girly sparkly things but I wanted to mix masculine and feminine elements with this was so fun! Have you done anything out of the ordinary with your wardrobe lately? I would love to be inspired by you if you have! Feel free to send photos and a short description to Who knows, maybe I'll do a short feature on you!

Much love,



Photos by Morgan Chidsey