Spring is finally here. There's a slight warmth to the air and added brightness to the day. With spring comes new trends. These are a few of my favorites for 2014.

Pastels are always a given for spring but this year try to spice it up with an icy pastel. It's fun, chic, and dresses up any outfit.

Pastels not your thing? There's good news for you. White is hot for spring. When I see white I mean white on white on white. A completely white outfit is chic to death. Try to keep it interesting by adding different textures and fabrics. Play around and have fun!

And finally we get to metallic. My favorite of all the spring trends. Some shy away at the word metallic thinking it to be a tin man suit or an outfit entirely dipped in gold. While you can go that route you can also have hints of metallic instead of a head to toe look. Like in the image above it's a gorgeous outfit that is set of by the small metallic detail in the skirt.

Have fun this spring! Try new things and show me when you do using hashtag #lifeinstylespring. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Much love