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Working woman

Working woman

Dress: Ruche (similar here); Shoes: TOMS (similar here

I love anytime I get to shoot a wedding is a fun time. This weekend I shot a gorgeous wedding with A Sea of Love. I think it's so important to dress appropriately for whatever work you're doing. Since weddings are usually very nice occasions I like to dress accordingly. I love a good tutu...they're so romantic and flirty which is just perfect for a wedding. What isn't so perfect is standing and running around in heels for eight hours so a flat is completely needed. The good news is there are some really cute flats out there. My flat of choice is my gold Toms (which I happened to wear in a wedding as a bridesmaid..go figure!). A simple up-do is perfect especially if you're shooting outside in the summer heat. While some tweaks must be made to make your outfit work appropriate you can still dress for you job and stay cute!

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Photos by Morgan Chidsey 



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